"You're the best thing in the festival."
Organiser: Dartmouth Music Festival

"I've just been to Whitby and you're better than anything there!"
Martin Jeremiah, Horsham Folk Club

"It's nice to have some people who can sing."
Peter, Sound Engineer, Underground Theatre, Eastbourne

"...so lively and full of enthusiasm - a complete triumph!"
Organiser: WI Centenary celebration

"...terrific! What about that Shallow Brown! I bet you'd like to take them home..."
Adrian O - Broadstairs Folk Week MC

"I've just been to Whitby again and you're still better than anything there;
better than any festival of the sea I've been to!"
Martin Jeremiah, Horsham Folk Club

Bride to new husband: "Which part of our wedding did you like best?"
Husband: "The Full Shanty singing!"
(Names withheld in the interests of preserving life)

"How long have you been wearing those shirts?"
Somebody's mother

"I've never heard 3 Score and Ten sung so beautifully... like a new song"
Liz Randall, Hard Pressed

Winners of the Small Choral Groups section in the
Redhill and Reigate Music Festival
(Much to our - and their - surprise)